The Christina Method of Painting

About me and what inspires me:

CHRISTINA KNIGHT What lies beyond the door? Could it be my art that awaits you?

Abstract art has a long history, leading back to ancient civilizations. There is something compelling and raw in this creative genre which evokes strong emotions in its viewers. Beyond the initial emotional reaction, an attentive observer will discover captivating nuances and details that bring each painting to life.
These subtle features serve as windows into an undiscovered realm, waiting for us to explore. Many abstract artists draw inspiration from the idea of an Alternate Universe - a world free from constraints of logic, rules, and restrictions. This allows them to tap into their creativity and explore infinite possibilities through dreams, meditation, or moments of pure imaginative power. So, are you looking to add some personality and uniqueness to your walls? Consider investing in wall art decorations! There are many different types of art to choose from that can instantly bring life to any room.
These thoughts and the flow of music through my life are what inspire me to paint. I am an artist now.

***************Paintings photographed by Blas Gonzalez**************

This story was read to me by a Nun when I was 5 years old, and it has inspired my artwork my whole life:

Kupa Manduca

There was a Little Frog who lived at the bottom of a deep, dark well. Now, the Little Frog had been living at the bottom of this old well since he was born. It was a very old well filled with shallow water at the bottom. The walls of the well were all covered with wet moss. When the Little Frog was thirsty, he drank a little bit of the well water, and when he was hungry, he ate some insects. When he was tired, he lay on a little rock at the bottom of the well and looked up at the sky above him. Sometimes he saw passing clouds and sometimes the beautiful moon. He was very happy and satisfied. He was the King of his world.

However, it was not paradise. The Little Frog was lonely, because the only company he had since birth were the old frogs hiding in the shadows. When he was young the voices just seemed really mean and negative. They always told the frog what he couldn't do and that he wasn't good enough to be a frog. He had heard their rantings all of his life and so became deaf to them. When he was almost a grown frog all he could do was just stair up at the sky, which he believed was just the circle above.

Then one day, he decided he wanted to see if he could reach the sky. So, the Little Frog kept jumping up. Each time he jumped he drew a little closer to his beloved moon. Finally, the Little Frog jumped so high he could see above the top of the well wall. He fell back to the bottom of the well in utter disbelief at how big the world really was outside of the well. Once again, after all these years, from the shadows he heard the voices. Remembering quickly why he stopped listening to them, he squatted one more time with his little frog legs and launched himself over the top of the well wall.
The Little Frog travelled the swamps and beyond. He never looked back.

I've researched this fable; it's told in many cultures and in many ways. But,I swear to you this is the way it was told to me. Pass it on. This little story is one of the things that inspires me to paint.